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Self-Service Kiosk

Self-Service kiosk provides customer easy 24/7 flexibility to handle their reservations any time of the day as self check-in kiosk. This fully automated standalone kiosk is equipped with scanning of passports, ID-cards and driver´s license and wide variety of other options including high recognition of the customers Identification. The Kiosk can be located indoor and outdoor and can be used for car-rental stations, hotel receptions and vacation resorts.


  • Document scanner for passports / ID's and Driver license's
  • Document validation and person face match against document
  • Touchscreen and info screen
  • Electric signature
  • Rental Agreements to email or printed out
  • Options sell
  • Payment terminal
  • QR-code print to receipt

Key Vending

Key Vending machine can be used as a standalone product. The key pick-up and drop-off is done by a QR-code. The Key Vending machine is primarily designed for pre-paid customers that have done their pre-check online. Key Vending machine can be in parking areas or parking garages, indoor or outdoor. It is designed for weather and vandal proof.


  • Touchscreen
  • QR-code reader
  • Vandal proof ,camera attached for still pictures of users
  • Weather proof, rain, snow, from -20 Celsius up to + 50 Celsius

Self-Service Locker

Self-Service Locker is designed for pre-purchased options pick-up by QR-code. The sizes of the lockers are optional and can be customized. Self-Service locker can be located in stores, post offices, hotel lobbies, airports.


  • Touchscreen
  • QR-code reader
  • Locker sizes optional



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